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Preamble to the Lobbyists Act:

WHEREAS free and open access to government is an important matter of public trust; and

WHEREAS lobbying public office holders is a legitimate activity; and

WHEREAS it is desirable that the public and public office holders be able to know who is engaged in lobbying activities; and

WHEREAS a system for the registration of paid lobbyists should not impede free and open access to government; and

WHEREAS it is desirable that the public and public office holders be able to know who is contracting with the Government of Alberta and Provincial entities;

THEREFORE Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, enacts [the Lobbyists Act].
Welcome to the site for Lobbyists Registration for the Province of Alberta.

The information contained on our website includes links to the Lobbyists Act and educational materials relating to it.   Further information will be included as it is developed.  At this site lobbyists are able to access registration forms to register as required by the Act and information on registered lobbyists and their lobbying activities is accessible to all through the searchable registries.

Information on upcoming events and items of interest are all posted to the "What's New" page on this site. Be sure to check it periodically.

We hope this site provides the information you may require to understand the role of our office in maintaining the public registry of lobbyists and enforcement matters relating to the legislation and regulations.

We welcome your suggestions and comments regarding our site.

Advisory Notice Regarding Section 6 of the Lobbyists Act.

The Office of the Ethics Commissioner has been asked by some lobbyists to provide clarification in terms of some of the recent changes to the Lobbyist Act. It is the opinion of this office that “person” referred to in s. 6 does not include a partnership. Therefore, a member or an employee of a partnership may not provide both paid advice to the government and lobby on the same subject matter. However, a member of a partnership may provide paid advice to the government and another member may lobby as long as the advice and lobbying contracts are not on the same subject matter.

Our office expects partnerships to have a robust conflict of interest screening program. If it happens that a partnership both provides paid advice and lobbies on the same subject matter, even if consultants and lawyers are in different cities, then there are consequences under the Lobbyists Act and possible professional association repercussions.

In effect, partnerships are excluded from the prohibition in s. 6 in so far as providing paid advice and lobbying at the same time.

All individuals and corporations are not permitted to both lobby and provide advice and must choose to do one or the other.